Under Surface Management

Radius Organizer Tray

This uniquely designed drawer can be installed almost anywhere. Simply push one end and the drawer rotates 180 degrees to allow access to commonly used items including pens, pencils, paper clips, and much more. Includes one assembled organizer and installation hardware. This is a great addition for Height Adjustable Tables! Measures 13 5/8" W x 8 1/4" D x 1 3/8" H 


  • BD-ROT-B Black / List $45
  • BD-ROT-S Silver / List $45 

Pencil Drawer

Maximize your leg room with this low profile drawer. Multiple compartments keep items organized. The included ball bearing slide rails allow the units to smoothly open and shut with very little effort. Unit is easy to install with the included hardware. 

Measures: 14" W x 19"D x 2.34"H 

Color: Black


  • BD-PDWR-B / List $75 

Cable Grip "Knuckles"

The most unique cable manager on the market, this intelligent design allows wires to slip into the unit and stay in place without the use of any accessories or adhesives. Place the grip anywhere you need to get wires under control, such as the bottom of conference tables, work stations and height adjustable tables. Simple to install with only four screws. Measures 3 1/2" L x 2 5/8" D x 1 1/2"H


  • BD-CG90-B Black / List $40
  • BD-CG90-S Silver / List $40

Includes three (3) Cable Grip pieces 

Wire Trough

The Wire Trough is an injection molded wiring duct made from high-impact glass-filled nylon and designed to be snapped together to create any length channel you need in 8" increments. The Fold Fastening system allows the Wire Trough to be tilted in either direction so that you can easily access the cabling when necessary. Enclose the channel with the Wire Trough End Cap and easily guide the wires in any direction.  


  • BD-WT-2-B Black  / List $58   / 6" x 16"
  • BD-WT-3-B Black  / List $65   / 6" x 24"
  • BD-WT-4-B Black  / List $72   / 6" x 32"
  • BD-WT-5-B Black  / List $79   / 6" x 40"

  • BD-WT-2-S Silver  / List $66   / 6" x 16"
  • BD-WT-3-S Silver  / List $77   / 6" x 24"
  • BD-WT-4-S Silver  / List $88   / 6" x 32"  
  • BD-WT-5-S Silver  / List $99   / 6" x 40"  

Coil Cable Manager

The Coil Cable Manager is the definition of versatility. The flexible coil design allows for seamless wire management functionality for sit-stand desks as well as fixed-height work surfaces. The simple yet elegant design allows for anyone to add wire management functionality to their work environment at an economical price. This unit easily installs and can be detached quickly for routing cables. Manufactured from high-impact ABS material, the Coil Cable Manager is constructed to withstand the everyday abuses of the home or commercial office space. 


  • BD-CCM-B Black / List $110
  • BD-CCM-S Silver / List $110

Link Cable Manager

The  Link cable manager is a multi-directional cable manager that is used for height adjustable mechanisms. Simply add the Link elements to achieve the desired height. Wires and cables are fed from the work surface down through the elements to the optional weighted foot at the bottom. The Link cable manager is flexible and can be attached to the table base by use of  two magnetic clips that mount to the side. Two top mounting hardware choices are included as well, a magnetic top mount or screw in top mount. This cable manager works well with not only height adjustable units, but also any conference table that has a cable management need to feed wires from underneath table to a floor monument. Four color choices to choose from, Silver, Black, White and Translucent. 


  • BD-LCM-51-B Black  /             List $130
  • BD-LCM-52-W White /            List $130
  • BD-LCM-53-S Silver /              List $130
  • BD-LCM-54-T Translucent / List $130

Includes: 50 Links, (1) Top screw in connector, (1) Top magnetic connector, (2) Side magnetic connectors. 

With weighted foot

  • BD-LCM-41-B Black /              List $155
  • BD-LCM-42-W White  /           List $155
  • BD-LCM-43-S Silver /              List $155
  • BD-LCM-44-T Translucent / List $155

Includes: 50 Links, (1) Top screw in connector, (1) Top magnetic connector, (2) Side magnetic connectors, (1) Weighted foot, (1) Dumbbell connector. 

Bag Holder Attachment

Keep your purses, backpacks, jackets or other accessories above the floor and hidden out of sight, securely in front of you. 


  • BD-BHA-60-T-B 60mm / Tube / Black        List $23 
  • BD-BHA-76-T-B 76mm / Tube / Black        List $23
  • BD-BHA-80-S-B 80mm / Square / Black   List $23

Table Connectors

Easily connect and disconnect tables and desks for simple room configurations. Quick to install and built to last, these table connectors will provide clients with durability and functionality. No "male" or "female" parts! 


  • BD-TC-4-2 / List Price $50
  • Includes 4 pieces / 2 pair